Protomartyr – Baseball Bat 7″ EP

Thanks to X! Records in Detroit we’re bringing you another PROTOMARTYR 7″. This single comes along almost simultaneously with their debut LP No Passion All Technique on Urinal Cake Records.

After covering the first Protomartyr single back in March, learning about this new one was a welcomed surprise. The single comes at nearly the same time as their upcoming debut LP, suggesting that the Detroit dudes in Protomartyr have been somewhat busy working on new material. The four songs on this 7″ also suggest that we’ve all got something to look forward to as far as their LP is concerned.

This time around Protomartyr sticks to a strict garage-pop formula, coming off even tighter than we heard on their debut 7″. None of these four songs last anywhere past the three minute mark, meaning these guys know just how to get their point across without wasting any time. One awesome example comes in the bouncy and melodic “You’re With a Creep.” The track is driven by those sharp and concentrated guitar hooks, showing off a pulsing pop edge that offers the total opposite vibe of Joe Casey’s lazy, slurring vocals.

Now focusing on the B-side, “Psychic Doorbell” is definitely the highlight here. It’s a moody one, driven by a punchy rhythm and shredded guitar blasts that speak nicely for the psyched-out edge that lurks in the depths. The bass lines pulsate deep below the surface, supplying the track with a commendable rumble that reverberates from the ground up. Within the final minute we’re sucked into a blazing psychedelic sweep, putting the finishing touches on yet another solid Protomartyr single. Also on the B-side, “The Milk Drinkers” shows off a bit of stomping punk fury (with Kevin from Tyvek on some added guitars), which quickly adds another memorable highlight to this single. Not sure what you’re thinking by now, but their new LP just became a priority.

You can listen to the remainder of the 7″ on the X! Records Soundcloud page, so take advantage. You can also purchase the 7″ from X! Records for an easy $5, so get on it.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Pop
Baseball Bat 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Baseball Bat
2.) You’re With a Creep
3.) The Milk Drinkers
4.) Psychic Doorbell

BUY the 7″ directly from X! Records – limited to 500 !
Protomartyr on Facebook

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