Thee Marvin Gays – It’s Easier to Be Dumb EP

THEE MARVIN GAYS dropped their latest EP It’s Easier to Be Dumb via the Kizmiaz Records label (which is based in Nantes, France) back in early July. The EP comes six tracks deep for about 17 minutes of up-beat and fun-loving garage rock action from these Belgium natives.

The EP begins with the self-titled track “It’s Easier to be Dumb” which immediately sets the tone for the remainder of the album. These guys lay it on heavy with some tight and tinny surf rock hooks and concentrated vocals that reverberate like they’re coming from the inside of a small bathroom (think Cosmonauts with those electrifying “woo” chants). They flip the psych switch in the midst of the song for a high voltage guitar shock with stomping percussion and howling vocals, making for a dazzling combo that will surely leave you floored in the non-stop rage.

Aside from that powerful opener, this EP still holds lots to uncover. “Blackout Downtown” is some bank robbery inducing bandit rock, bringing names like Vermillion Sands to mind, while “Now That You Are Naked” is a sweltering psych rock number with hot and lysergic guitars that sound saturated by the wet, humid and swirling atmosphere.

As far as this whole EP goes, Thee Marvin Gays certainly know how to change things up and keep us listening. Each of these six tracks have a mind of their own, which only means you are required to listen to every last one! Start with the ass kicking opener right below and check the rest on Thee Marvin Gays Bandcamp. I originally wrote this for Get Bent and thought the material was necessary to include in our database here, so enjoy the double-plug.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Alternative
It’s Easier to Be Dumb EP: Tracklist:
1.) It’s Easier to Be Dumb
2.) Blackout Downtown
3.) No One
4.) Now That You Are Naked
5.) Vacant Time
6.) Iron Maiden

BUY the digital EP directly from the band on Bandcamp
Thee Marvin Gays on Facebook

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