The Pharmacy – Josephine EP

Since we last checked, THE PHARMACY have been keeping busy. The Seattle based garage-pop trio is currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming LP Stoned & Alone which is due out on Seayou Records later this summer.

At this point, this upcoming LP looks to be the fourth full length in their growing discography. However, before Stoned & Alone sees the light of day, Seayou Records dropped this short, four track teaser EP. The self-titled track “Josephine” appears twice on the EP with all of it’s charming pop glory, containing two different versions of the memorable minute-and-a-half song. Now obviously it’s a short track, but the “LP Version” features an uplifting pop vibe that includes shimmering guitars, joyous pianos and swift, lean drumming that keeps the song moving forward, not to mention Scott Yoder’s powerful croon that guides us through the reckless pop anthem. The “Portland Version” of the track hangs on the relentless pace from before, only this version seems much more striped down with a cloudy atmosphere where the sun barely shines through. Aside from those, a song like “In Your Room” is even more wholesome in its grandiose and unpredictable approach, which you can hear right below.

In the end, this release proves that Yoder and the gang haven’t missed a beat, which should only help build the anticipation for this upcoming full length later this summer. Keep these songs handy to hold you over until then!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Alternative
Josephine EP: Tracklist:
1.) Josephine (LP Version)
2.) In Your Room
3.) Josephine (Portland Version)
4.) Dead Friend

BUY the EP directly from the Seayou Bandcamp
The Pharmacy on Facebook

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