Vincas – Blood Bleeds

VINCAS are a psyched-out trio from Athens, Georgia and Blood Bleeds is their debut LP. At first it was a self-released record limited to just 100 copies, but thanks to a recent repress by Douchemaster Records, this wild album sees the light of day once again.

Perhaps some of you out there are still unaware of Vincas, but we’re here to tell you that won’t last for long. The recent repress of their debut LP Blood Bleeds is exactly what the band needed to take their exposure to the next level. As opposed to the initial 100 copies of their self-released edition, Douchemaster Records appropriately re-releases the LP in an edition of 500 that is sure to make Vincas a heavily blogged-about band in the coming months.

The album comes 11 tracks deep for just over a half-hours worth of material, mashing up a commendable blend of both pulsing post-punk and scorching psychedelic rock that will have you begging for mercy. Each new track is just as pounding as the last, making up a feverishly punishing psych-punk sound that will flatten you into the dirt. This nearly helps bring a band like Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats to mind, and while they do share some similarities, the Vincas sound seems to take a more straight-forward route rather than Uncle Acid’s typically drawn-out approach to songs. Aside from Uncle Acid, other bands (coincidentally both from Philadelphia and coincidentally both evil in their own right) like Creepoid or Far-Out Fangtooth even seem to share some qualities with the Vincas due to the grungy nature of their sounds.

Let’s start with the opener “Red Eyed.” Right from the get-go you should be able to figure out which direction this is headed. Throbbing bass lines lead the way with a deathly foreboding edge, guiding us through the drony vocals of Chris McNeal and Scott Kviklys to reveal a fiery swell of shredded guitar rage. Following that, “Saw Her” begins next with an undeniable punch, followed by the quick and dagger-like guitar blasts that sound like fistfuls of heat slamming into your chest. This becomes the recipe for absolute destruction throughout the duration of the album, which eventually brings us a slew of highlights like “Nowhere Town,” “Dead and Alone,” or “Gravity” amongst others. Last but not least, as they’ve mentioned on the Douchemaster description of the record, there’s a strangely solid cohesiveness throughout the album whether they planned for it or not which really helps tie everything together.

Check out these swampy psych bangers right below and see where you stand. Hopefully, you’ll go and grab your very own copy of the newly repressed LP! Keep your fingers crossed and maybe, just maybe we’ll be able to catch these guys on tour.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Grunge, Drone
Blood Bleeds LP: Tracklist:
1.) Red Eyed
2.) Saw Her
3.) Nowhere Town
4.) Hell Ride
5.) Dead and Alone
6.) In My Bones
7.) Radiation Lady
8.) Deadache
9.) Gravity
10.) Stone Girl
11.) Black Mountain

BUY the LP directly from Douchemaster Records – limited to 500 !
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Vincas on Bandcamp

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