Hot Lunch – Killer Smile 7″

HOT LUNCH are a four piece band from San Francisco that brings together a searing mess of heavy 60s psych rock and punk, amongst other things. Their new 7″, Killer Smile, comes out this month on Who Can You Trust? Records out in western Germany.

The best news we could give you after listening is that this is only the beginning. This 7″ is just an introduction of what will eventually lead up to the debut album from Hot Lunch, which is due out sometime in 2012. If it’s like anything that has graced our ears here today with Killer Smile, then the upcoming LP is sure to be a hell of a party.

High voltage guitars call all of the shots in both of these rowdy songs, while the manic percussion and throbbing bass lines are forced to keep up with their dizzying pace. Lead singer Eric Shea guides us through “Killer Smile” with his raspy, authoritative howl, simply confessing that he “wants to play with your hair” as he shoves his words down your throat. A bit past the halfway mark of the song they flip the psych switch and suddenly you’re blindsided by pedal-to-the-metal psych-punk that will undeniably get your blood pumping and your feet tapping. With that being said, if you weren’t sold from the get-go, then you should be changing your mind right about now.

Flip over to the B-side and you’ll again find yourself in familiar territory. They give us a moment to catch our breath here by slowing the overall pace but they still take the rough and rollicking approach. Searing guitars continue to lead the way with their nearly sloppy complexion, serving up grandiose and electrified soloing that comes full circle while also being the ultimate proof that these guys know how to craft a song. Hear both sides of this shocking single below and see how you feel – also, be sure to keep an eye out at Who Can You Trust for whenever the single is available for sale! You know I’ll be doing the same!

Killer Smile –

You’re Alright –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Punk
Killer Smile 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Killer Smile
2.) You’re Alright

BUY the 7″ directly from Who Can You Trust? Records – available soon, limited to 400 !
Hot Lunch on Facebook

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