The Pharmacy – Dig Your Grave 7″ EP

Coming from the good folks at Kind Turkey Records is the latest 7″ from Seattle garage-pop outfit THE PHARMACY. It looks like their first release of 2012, coming in an edition of just 500 with 100 on color vinyl.

Considering how long these guys have been dabbling in the music game, it’s no surprise how polished and structured their energetic sound is. Things all begin with the fast and frantic “Dig Your Grave” which shows off dazzling keys and hard hitting, tightly woven guitar hooks that give the song a fresh, poppy vibe. Instruments and lyrics alike are plagued by the perfect amount of static fuzz, giving these catchy pop songs a crunchy lo-fi edge that’s just too good to ignore. Spastic drumming combines with a whirlwind of what sounds like finger-picked guitar licks, creating a bridge in the middle of the track that just about seals up this picture-perfect pop nugget.

The follow up “Pines” shows off more of this irresistibly memorable garage-pop, creating a careless, swaying motion amongst the cooing vocals and tom-heavy drum beats. This all paves way for a splitting guitar solo before the rowdy closing segment of the track. This leads us into “Lazy Bones,” which sounds exactly like what the title would suggest. We’re guided by a swingin’ drum beat and a classic guitar progression that make for a breezy stroll in the park. It’s a bluesy sounding instrumental jammer, which goes to show that the Pharmacy are capable of more than just catchy garage-pop. The lone-guitar closer “Burn All Your Bridges” also helps reinforce that claim because it sounds nothing like the other three tracks included.

So now do yourself a favor and check out the lead track “Dig Your Grave” right below and then go snag a copy of the 7″ from Kind Turkey! Or instead just check out the music video below – They smash up televisions caught on fire with a guitar! Sick!

Dig Your Grave –

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi
Dig Your Grave 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Dig Your Grave
2.) Pines
3.) Lazy Bones
4.) Burn All Your Bridges

BUY the 7″ directly from Kind Turkey Records – limited to 500, first 100 on color vinyl !
The Pharmacy on Facebook

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