The Strange Boys/ Natural Child – Scion Split 7″

Here’s one you could say came out of nowhere. I’m not even sure exactly what label released it. Was it Rough Trade or maybe even Toyota? In the long run it doesn’t really even matter, because now we get a brand new song apiece from both NATURAL CHILD and THE STRANGE BOYS.

First up is the track from the Strange Boys, which kind of fails to hit any mark, which is somewhat disappointing. There’s a bunch of crackly radio nonsense and no solid idea pinned down in the song, because it changes up every thirty seconds (as if you were scanning through a radio). Creative? Sure, but it doesn’t really make for song that’s going to resonate with the listener, because it’s unorganized and lacks any sort of hook that will keep you coming back.

If it weren’t for the Natural Child track on the B-side, this particular 7″ might easily be forgotten about by most of us. Someone on the IT forums pointed out there’s an edit on the song – “Living in the jungle, still fucking in the village” – which might have something to do with the fact that this thing was issued by Scion, but other than that you shouldn’t expect anything less from Natural Child. It’s a twangy, acoustic sing-along track that would probably work best around an open fire, which slowly grows as the song progresses, also featuring bluesy guitar leads throughout. Hear it for yourself right now, but good luck finding this one in physical format. If you can it’ll probably retain it’s value for awhile. Try eBay or something.

American Radio –

The Jungle –

My Rating: 5/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Alt-Country, Country
Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Strange Boys – American Radio
2.) Natural Child – The Jungle

DOWNLOAD the 7″ for FREE from Scion A/V Garage
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