Natural Child – Mother Nature’s Daughter 7″

NATURAL CHILD have been at the grind through 2012 and they’re soon releasing their second LP of the year for Burger Records, Hard in Heaven. Before that, Jeffery Drag Records dropped this smoking 7″ to hold us over.

This 7″ features two songs from these classic Nashville rockers, showing off their electrified blues rock sound in two totally different ways. It’s also not a long-shot to say that this single definitely does its job by getting us hyped up for the new record too. “Mother Nature’s Daughter” is a grandiose psych rock affair, while the B-side is almost the opposite.

“Mother Nature’s Daughter” offers more of that classic Natural Child sound we’ve already come to know and love. It’s centered around those searing guitar solos that splits the song open at the seams, assisting in the tracks growing momentum that swells right before our eyes. The bass throbs carefully lead us into the blazing finale, filled out with that quivering jug sound that fits right in with the wall of blues-psych rage that wraps up the track.

As for the B-side, it’s a different beast entirely. “Bodyswitchers Part II” is a slow-burning scorcher that sounds perfect for those smokey, wee morning hours after a night of debauchery. Dirty, high voltage guitars help the song flare up as it unfolds, proving that Natural Child are one of the best guitar bands running right now. There’s plenty of twang as the song lazily drags its feet, sealing up this invigorating single with a sweltering dirge to close it out. Hear both sides of the 7″ right below and grab one of the singles while ya still can – all that remains is the black edition and it’s limited to 300!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Blues Rock, Garage Rock
Mother Nature’s Daughter 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Mother Nature’s Daughter
2.) Bodyswitchers Part II

BUY the 7″ directly from Jeffery Drag Records – limited to 500, act fast !
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