Song of the Day #11

Well this one just seemed too appropriate for today. NATURAL CHILD release their brand new, debut full length to the world, and on what better day than 4/20? Follow that link for a nice preview of the album, but if you’re unfamiliar please stick around and listen to this one we got here. It comes from their first 7″ on the Infinity Cat label and it’s a hell of an opening statement. How many times have you heard a concept like this turned into a fist-in-air anthem? Probably not even once (but if I’m wrong please enlighten me). They blend hilarity with garage rock and walk the line like champs, almost as if they drew it themselves. However, if anything is true, it’s that this 7″ is one of the most solid and satisfying I’ve ever spun on my turntable.

Shame Walkin’ –

Get it here: Infinity Cat
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Psychedelic

Natural Child – 1971 previously posted on the Drone
Natural Child – White Man’s Burden 7″ previously posted on the Drone
Natural Child – Split 7″ (w/ Strange Boys) previously posted on the Drone


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