Natural Child – For the Love of the Game

NATURAL CHILD are back with their sophomore LP For the Love of the Game on Burger Records. This power rocking trio takes their classic rock and roll sound and fleshes out with some new styles and new ideas.

1971 was easily one of our favorite records last year and it’s looking like that could happen a second time around. Natural Child haven’t slowed down and now after just dropping this second LP they’re already working on a new 7″ – but we’ll deal with that later. Since 1971, this Nashville trio has certainly stepped up their game in both the instrumentation department as well as song writing while still maintaining what they do best – rocking the fuck out and having a good time.

This becomes evident in many of the songs, but there’s a few where they take a different route and try some new formulas. This includes songs like “That’s How I Got to Memphis” with it’s weeping guitars and “No One Writes Sad Songs Anymore.” Granted “That’s How I Got to Memphis” is a cover originally sung by Tom T. Hall, but it still evokes the same feeling. It also goes to show that Natural Child aren’t afraid to try something new and clean up pretty nicely when they have to. The good thing about that is they don’t always have to clean up. This is where more rowdy tracks like “She Got a Mind,” “Baby,” or “D.T.V.” come into play.

“Baby” probably turns out to be the most easily accessible track on the record, followed by others like “8 AM Blues” or “She Got a Mind.” The classic rock vibes are literally overflowing from a track like “Baby,” where the band offers us a rockin’ good time with plenty of positivity – not to mention dueling searing guitar solos and a hardheaded attitude that’s tough to crack and easy to love. “She Got a Mind” sees the band sticking to their roots with a ridiculously heavy and heated psychedelic edge that possesses the song and takes it on a path of its own. Suddenly you find yourself being swarmed by throbbing bass lines and a scorching guitar that literally steals the show until the very last note. This brings to mind a later track like “D.T.V.” The beginning features a gradual guitar build-up until they can’t contain the rage anymore and put the pedal to the metal. From here on out it’s a streamlined blazer that courses through your veins and gets the blood boiling. You should be warned now that this fiery onslaught will certainly require a few extra plays.

Aside from this stuff, there’s still plenty of other things you will encounter along the way. “Paradise Heights” is definitely a reggae song which might be a hit or miss for some, followed by the twangy, folksy “Faces of Death Blues.” They close it all out with one last banger in “Ain’t Gonna Stop” which is definitely a fitting title. It leaves you hope for the future, which apparently for Natural Child isn’t too far around the corner. I speak, of course, of their newly announced 7″ on Jeffery Drag Records (go download that shit for free while you still can).

At this point it would be ill-advised to ignore Natural Child. So here’s what you do – go to Burger Records and buy the damn vinyl.

She Got a Mind –

Baby –

That’s How I Got to Memphis –

D.T.V. –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Alt-Country, Rock, Psychedelic
For the Love of the Game LP: Tracklist:
1.) 8 AM Blues
2.) She Got a Mind
3.) Baby
4.) That’s How I Got to Memphis
5.) Hey Little Girl
6.) No One Writes Sad Songs Anymore
7.) D.T.V.
8.) Paradise Heights
9.) Faces of Death Blues
10.) Ain’t Gonna Stop

BUY the LP directly from Burger Records – 350 on black vinyl !
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