Natural Child – White Man’s Burden 7″

NATURAL CHILD is a three piece ramshackle garage-punk band with a hilarious attitude. Hailing from Nashville, this is their most recent 7″ from the Infinity Cat label, and overall it’s their third official release.

If you’ve been following Natural Child since the beginning, then you’re probably familiar with their first self-titled 7″. If so, then you know just how ridiculous these boys can get, and this time around for the new 7″, it seems like they only barely cleaned up their act. This new set of songs is definitely different from the first, but with lyrics like “I bet my boss will be jealous of me, he can suck my dick, cause now I’m free. So fucked up layin’ on the beach, nothin’ but waves and time to think,” they definitely didn’t change a thing in the lyrical aspect.

“White Man’s Burden” is a heavy psychedelic onslaught – an absolute rager lasting past the five minute mark into all sorts of uncharted psychedelic territory with barrels of energy. This song follows absolutely no pattern and it makes you wonder how these boys make it work so well. All that matters is that they know what they’re doing, because if any of us tried to play along, we’d be fucking screwed. “Ray Thompson’s Blues” comes next, and it starts off with a little bit of the country twang. The lyrics in the paragraph above come from this track in case you were wondering, as you’ll learn that these guys don’t take shit from anybody. The last track “Bang My Head” features squealing guitars and a roaring rhythm section that keeps up with the rapid madness quite well as they continue to rock out until the very last second.

We think you’d be sad if you missed out on these songs, so please check them out below. And if you’re interested in buying the 7″, you should probably do it very soon, because it’s already sold out directly from the Infinity Cat label. Hence why I left you with a Midheaven link below. They’ve also got a ton of other songs on Myspace if you’re looking for more.

White Man’s Burden –

Bang My Head –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Psychedelic
White Man’s Burden 7″: Tracklist:
1.) White Man’s Burden
2.) Ray Thompson’s Blues
3.) Bang My Head

BUY the 7″ directly from Midheaven Mailorder – limited to 250 on mixed color vinyl !
Natural Child on Blogspot
Follow Natural Child on two different Twitter accounts > one & two
Hear more songs from Natural Child on Myspace

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