Dead Ghosts – That Old Feeling 7″

Hey guys, let’s welcome a new band to the Styrofoam Drone today. Their name is DEAD GHOSTS and they hail from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. They’ve had a successful run in the 7″ game, releasing a string of at least four different singles (one of them being split with Chicago’s own Smith Westerns), and they just continue to keep moving up the scale. They’re in the process of releasing some more material, only this time they’re going all-out and releasing a full-length record, and apparently it’s due out sometime this September from the Florida’s Dying label. I take this information directly from their Myspace page, wherein their headline reads “LP out in September on Florida’s Dying”. So after learning that, you’ll probably hope September comes around much sooner than you did before.

This is their most recent 7″, and it was released in quite a unique fashion. Three different labels had the liberty of releasing this great single, with each releasing a different quantity including a different cover art from each label. Goodbye Boozy released 105 of them, Krimen Records released 100 of them (cover art pictured), and Ghost Records released 95 of them. That’s 300 total, and each set of singles comes hand numbered from each label, and like I already said, each also has their own, unique cover art.

With this release the Dead Ghosts add three new songs to their constantly growing catalog, and they’re as gritty and noisy as you would expect them to be. A-side “That Old Feeling” becomes an instant classic, immediately roping you in with that twangy guitar hook and the relentless pound of the snare drum. By the time the end rolls around you’ll be lost in a sea of cacophony as the noise comes full force with an electrified guitar lick, hereby sealing the deal that you will want to play this song again and again. Flip on over to the B-side to reveal two more grainy garage jams including “Blak Kat” and the chantey “Comanche”, which both include some nasty guitar freak outs (“Comanche” especially). Hear “That Old Feeling” and “Comanche” below. You can check out “Blak Kat” on the Dead Ghosts Myspace!

That Old Feeling –

Comanche –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
That Old Feeling 7″: Tracklist:
1.) That Old Feeling
2.) Blak Kat
3.) Comanche

BUY the 7″ from Play Pinball! Records (they’re selling it, t00)
More info. on the 7″ at the Goodbye Boozy Myspace
Dead Ghosts on Myspace
Dead Ghosts on Facebook

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