Dead Ghosts – Live Tapes 12″

Vancouver’s own DEAD GHOSTS have been pulling in quite a bit of excitement lately. I first heard of these guys with their awesome 7″ from the Goodbye Boozy label, and since then it’s kind of been like love at first listen. Soon enough they’re going to be back on the scene with a brand new full length record from the Florida’s Dying label, and it looks like that’s going to be out sometime in October. But before this full-length hit’s the shelves, Dead Ghosts just put out another 12″ from the Psychic Lunch imprint, featuring songs that were all recorded in a live setting. Originally, this release was put out in cassette form from Southpaw Records (more info. on the cassette version right here), and now it’s got a vinyl release with a slightly different tracklisting. Pretty cool.

So – we’ve got nine new Dead Ghosts songs on this beautiful slab of single-sided, clear vinyl, in a limited edition of 300. Luckily for you, this is the only item that isn’t sold out at the Psychic Lunch store (with the exception of a few t-shirts). So if you want this one, it’s probably best to buy it as soon as possible. I certainly wouldn’t wait too long.

As I already mentioned, each song was recorded live, and it puts on a fantastic display of what these Dead Ghosts would sound like in a live setting. The energy is certainly palpable as they rock out and plow through these nine new songs. This is a bunch of bros putting on a fine display of what garage rock should sound like – sometimes doing it up with bluesy qualities, and other times touching on the psychedelic side of the fence – but never forgetting about their women! The guitar twang is simply irresistible, and I’m pretty psyched to check out this new full length when it’s finally unleashed to the world. Until then, we’ll just have to sit tight. Check out these songs from the 12″ below – but be careful – these songs WILL get stuck in yr head. “Thunderbird ESQ” especially (which is a Gories cover)! You’ve been warned!

Girl Across the Street –

What to Do –

I Want Your Love –

Thunderbird ESQ –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Live
Live Tapes 12″: Tracklist:
1.) Staying In
2.) Girl Across the Street
3.) Messed Up
4.) What to Do
5.) Detroit Jerry
6.) I Want Your Love
7.) Getting Older
8.) Haunted House
9.) Thunderbird Esq

BUY it from Psychic Lunch Records – Limited to 300 on one-sided clear vinyl!
Dead Ghosts on Myspace !
Dead Ghosts on Facebook
Dead Ghosts – That Old Feeling 7″ previously posted on the Drone

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