Friday’s Find: Dead Ghosts – Can’t Get No

dead ghosts cant get no lp 2013 burger records

Vancouver’s DEAD GHOSTS kept us patiently waiting for the follow up to their 2010 debut. Fortunately, Can’t Get No -– released courtesy of our friends at Burger Records — is the perfect sequel. The four-piece has honed their sound, delivering a record that’s equal parts surf, pop and garage.

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My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi
Can’t Get No: Tracklist:
1.) Can’t Get No
2.) That Old Feeling
3.) Summer with Phil
4.) Cold Stare
5.) I Want You Back
6.) Roky Said
7.) On Your Own
8.) You Don’t Belong
9.) B.A.D. LUV
10.) Tea Swamp Rumble
11.) Hangin’ (In the Alley)
12.) I Sleep Alone

BUY the LP directly from Burger Records
Dead Ghosts on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s Find: Dead Ghosts – Can’t Get No

  1. Their s/t is by far my favorite garage album ever, its great to see them getting the recognition that they deserve

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