Pure Ecstasy – Easy 7″

Hailing from the ever-populated Austin, Texas comes the band Pure Ecstasy, led by 27-year-old singer-songwriter Nate Grace. His band makes warm and fuzzy pop songs drowned in seemingly endless layers of reverb, and they’re all instantly catchy and bound to crawl into your head and be stuck there for days. The songs evoke a sense that you’re stuck on a endless beach somewhere, and there is nothing around but you and the hot, hazy, blistering sun. Although you may think the same thing, chances are you’ll come up with you’re own explanation for the music, but either way, get your repeat buttons ready for this band.

Just like every 7″ out there, we know there’s not going to be a whole lot of material to listen to. Most of the time after listening to a 7″, you’re going to want to spin it again because it was so short. That’s exactly what happens with this record, and even after spinning it countless times, it still doesn’t loosen it’s grasp. The record starts off with the poppy song “Easy”, and right at the beginning singer Nate Grace is there to welcome you. It doesn’t take long for you to realize how hazy and drowned out these songs actually are either. The distant hum of the bass guitar seems like it’s buried somewhere miles away, and you’ll notice that the music has an increasingly longing feeling to it. The track “Easy” ends somewhere around the 2 and a half minute mark, and then comes another “mini track”. The last minute of the song is another hazy-buzz jam with some calming guitar licks, and shortly after the song fades out and it’s time for the B-side. Flip that shit.

Now we’re on the B-side. Pretty intuitive right? Yeah, you guys are smart! Just kidding though. The B-side, in my opinion, is the highlight on this 7″. The song is called “Baby”, and it’s 3 and a half minutes of straight up mellowed out dream pop. Undeniably tranquillizing, this song is bound to bring thoughts to your mind like “Relaaaaax” and “Take it easyyyyy”. With that being said, it’s probably a good point to say this is a fantastic song to put on while trying to fall asleep at night. The song is held together by the constant shake of the maracas, all while Nate Grace’s spaced out guitar solos are sure to hypnotize any listener into spinning this gem of a 7″ again and again. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and listen to this band, and then do the band a HUGE favor and buy their records! Thanks for reading, and be sure to listen to the song “Baby” below! If you want to hear the A-side song “Easy”, just go to their Myspace.

Baby –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic
Easy 7″: Tracklist
1.) Easy
2.) Baby

Pure Ecstasy on Tumblr
Pure Ecstasy on Myspace
Buy the “Easy” 7″ directly from LIGHT LODGE before it sells out!
Buy their latest 7″ directly from Acéphale Records before that sells out too!

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