I Get Mynze – Big Whup 7″ EP

i get mynze big whup 7 pelican pow wow records 2014

Pelican Pow Wow Records in New Orleans and Red Lounge Records in Germany continue to churn out the goods. Their latest is this 7″ EP from members of Legendary Wings and Kalamazoo MENSA chapter board members, I GET MYNZE. Continue reading “I Get Mynze – Big Whup 7″ EP”

Friday’s Find: No Bails – Epyx Shredder

no bails epyx shredder lp 2014 pelican pow wow records

The first official full length for Pelican Pow Wow Records is the debut LP from NO BAILS. They’re a snotty punk band from Kalamazoo, MI, who load their songs with copious amounts of grimy guitar scuzz. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: No Bails – Epyx Shredder”

Golden Pelicans – Burn Everything 7″

golden pelicans burn everything 7 pelican pow wow records 2014

Your favorite Florida dumpster punks GOLDEN PELICANS are back with their third 7″ and first for Pelican Pow Wow Records. Burn Everything continues their solid string of aggressive punk by berating our ears with two new tracks. Continue reading “Golden Pelicans – Burn Everything 7″”

Trampoline Team – Velveteen Dream 7″ EP

trampoline team velveteen dream 7 pelican pow wow records

This new 7″ EP from TRAMPOLINE TEAM is our first encounter with Pelican Pow Wow Records. Velveteen Dream is the band’s debut release, coming in a short run of 300 pieces from the New Orleans-based label. Continue reading “Trampoline Team – Velveteen Dream 7″ EP”