Friday’s Find: No Bails – Epyx Shredder

no bails epyx shredder lp 2014 pelican pow wow records

The first official full length for Pelican Pow Wow Records is the debut LP from NO BAILS. They’re a snotty punk band from Kalamazoo, MI, who load their songs with copious amounts of grimy guitar scuzz.

Our Friday posts coincide with Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find on eMusic’s Wondering Sound. Head on over to Wondering Sound right now to read more and listen to today’s post on NO BAILS: Friday’s Find #63

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Punk, Punk
Epyx Shredder: Tracklist:
1.) You’re So Shitty
2.) Goofy Foot
3.) Party Fail
4.) My N.E.S. is Fucking With Me
5.) P.R.N.
6.) These Fucking Roads
7.) The Shockmaster
8.) Nubber 10
9.) Scott’s is Buying
10.) Who’s a Punk, Your Mother
11.) Black Hole
12.) Don’t Even Try

BUY the LP from Pelican Pow Wow – only $11 !
No Bails on Facebook
No Bails Website

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