Trampoline Team – Velveteen Dream 7″ EP

trampoline team velveteen dream 7 pelican pow wow records

This new 7″ EP from TRAMPOLINE TEAM is our first encounter with Pelican Pow Wow Records. Velveteen Dream is the band’s debut release, coming in a short run of 300 pieces from the New Orleans-based label.

Trampoline Team also hail from New Orleans, operating as a trio specializing in form of electrified power-punk. Their new 7″ is four tracks long, combining a healthy dose of ecstatic pop with gritty and angular punk hooks. “I’m So Popular” combines a loving bit of pop charm with can-opening guitar fuzz. It’s driven by Sam’s howling vocals, suffering a murky meltdown splattered right in the middle of the track. “Hands Off” takes on a tough garage-punk stance, loaded with a buzzy, blown-out guitar solo that’s right on point. Things get rowdy with the guitar squeals in “Rabbit Foot,” combining their frantic energy with a wave of melodic guitar noise. Head on over to Pelican Pow Wow now and snag this while it’s still fresh!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Garage Rock
Velveteen Dream 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Feels Like Nothing
2.) Rabbit Foot
3.) I’m So Popular
4.) Hands Off

BUY the 7″ from Pelican Pow Wow Records – limited to 300 !
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