Straight Arrows – Out & Down 7″


straight arrows out and down 7 spacecase records 2018Sydney, Australia’s coolest group of guitar slingers dropped a new 7″ on Spacecase Records for 2018. Two new guitar-driven garage bangers fill the grooves on this single, combining for nearly 5 minutes of pure, unadulterated rock and roll.

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Brother JT – Tornado Juice

brother jt tornado juice lp thrill jockey 2018In a better, or at least fairer world, the artist known as BROTHER JT would be a big star instead of a cult figure revered by record geeks like myself, and musician types. Who knows, in some sideways universe perhaps he is, but it’s certainly not in this one. After getting his start in the 1980’s with garage legends The Original Sins, JT was rechristened Brother JT by legendary rock scribe Byron Coley. From there, he set off on his own long, strange path. Continue reading “Brother JT – Tornado Juice”


Olden Yolk – s/t LP

olden yolk lp 2018 trouble in mind

Trouble in Mind presents the brand new album from OLDEN YOLK, a 4-piece based in New York City. Ten lush tracks fill their eponymous debut, clocking in for nearly 40 minutes of clean and colorful rock and roll that fits best into your Sunday morning routine.

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Navy Gangs – s/t 7″ EP

navy gangs 7 ep modern sky entertainment 2016

NAVY GANGS is a four (maybe three?) piece garage band based somewhere in Brooklyn, NY. Modern Sky Entertainment dropped their debut 7″ EP late in 2016. It’s chock full of invigorating guitar licks, slathered carefully over a generally greasy complexion that will quickly burn out the motor on your turntable from repeated record flipping.

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White Boy & the Average Rat Band – s/t LP

white boy average rat band remastered lp heaven and hell 2018I can’t think of a better way to get things rolling here again. Heaven & Hell Records in North Carolina just unleashed the first true reissue of WHITE BOY & THE AVERAGE RAT BAND since 1980. This self-titled sludge bomb has likely become the holy grail of titles for many record collectors, but this new pressing makes it accessible to a whole new generation who loves blowing their eardrums out in the name of ripping, metal-influenced guitar hookage.  Continue reading “White Boy & the Average Rat Band – s/t LP”


Looking for an opening…

styrodroneHello old friends,

Remember this place? Yeah, I do too. It’s been awhile – the digital dust has definitely settled. Inboxes are full and virtually have no space left. Blog photos and mp3s have been deleted, links are broken, contacts are lost, relationships have faded, save for the occasional tweet or post from old blogging buddies (it’s not all doom and gloom).

It’s been over two years. My ears never truly stopped listening to what’s out there. Maybe far less frequently than the glory days, but sometimes life takes a firm hold and, more or less, forces you in a different direction. I’d like to say I found my way back around after a couple of missteps, and the best part is (despite what I’ve said above), is that our little corner of the Internet still managed to survive in some capacity – hey, we still have our own URL – but there’s plenty of tidying up to be done.

All that said, this is an announcement that this blog and its creator are here with a new goal in mind. I am searching for a new opening, and the plan is to keep it right here where it all began.

Let’s see what happens!

Thank you for any support you may show,

Styrofoam Drone




The Raw Nerves – More Nerves

raw nerves st lp 2012

You can stop waiting, for THE RAW NERVES have returned with their long-awaited sophomore record. More Nerves is their second LP on 1:12 Records in New Zealand, coming with 15 more tracks about love, depression, straight-up hooliganism, and then some.

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