Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – s/t LP

buck biloxi and the fucks st 2013 red lounge records

If a song with a name like “They Should Have Killed You” is the first track of an album by a band called BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS, you should immediately be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. After releasing a handful of 7″ singles over the last year or so, the Fucks got their act together just enough to put out an LP on Germany’s Red Lounge Records. Continue reading “Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – s/t LP”

Jacuzzi Boys – s/t LP

jacuzzi boys st lp 2013 hardly art

Miami usually isn’t the first place you think of as a birthplace for rock n roll music of any kind, but in the case of JACUZZI BOYS it seems impossible for them to be from anywhere else. A newly released LP out on Hardly Art continues to paint a sonic picture of South Florida through the wide eyes of these young rockers, but this time with a slightly gentler perspective. Continue reading “Jacuzzi Boys – s/t LP”