Bad Indians – The Path Home 7″

BAD INDIANS are a five-piece indie-pop band from Ypsilanti, Michigan with a psychedelic tinge. This is their debut 7″ from Gingko Records, released last fall with custom made record sleeves.

The guys and gals in Bad Indians take on a pulsing form of indie-synth-pop with some psychedelic flares, shimmering synths, boy-girl vocals and plenty of enthusiasm. Songs like “The Path Home” and “So Long Sam” each show off crunchy guitars and nasty soloing that will quickly grab your attention, while “All Over Now” features a soft and swaying rhythm with catchy vocal hooks and jangly percussion. Out of their three songs included on this 7″, “The Path Home” seems to illustrate what they’re all about most accurately, made up with lysergic synths and a bruising, tom-heavy beat that pushes the song forward. However by the time the 7″ runs it’s course, it’s the cringing and wrinkled guitar solo of “So Long Sam” that steals the show with all of it’s gritty glory. Hear it below right now and snag a 7″ while it’s still around!

The Path Home –

All Over Now –

Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic
The Path Home 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Path Home
2.) All Over Now
3.) So Long Sam

BUY the 7″ directly from Gingko Records
Bad Indians on Facebook

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