The Brainstems – Ego Death Demos

brainstems ego death demos ep self released 2015

THE BRAINSTEMS are 4-piece based in St. Louis, Missouri. Their new set of demos follows up their Cold Sweatin’ cassette from last year, continuing their run of post-punk bent garage rock.

The three tracks here offer up a wildly cohesive listen in just over 10 minutes of material. It’s crazy how much explosive energy they crammed into such a short block of time. But they don’t waste a second – they’re coming straight for your throat from start to finish, over fuzz-fucked guitars and chunky bass lines that sound as if they’re scratching up against the pavement.

“Stallioning” starts with an electrified jangle and a groggy bass line. The rhythm takes a hold and you suddenly find yourself right in the thick of their 10-minute fit of rage, leading you through a crusty, surf-infused torrent. “The ID” is a completely blown-out punk stomper, built with a wailing saxophone that only adds to their psychotic approach. They continue to pierce our eardrums in “Elevators & Escalators,” opening with a quieter intro before totally reducing you to pieces with a beam of wiry guitar hookage. They throw in another twist or two to keep you guessing, but there’s really no easy way to describe what’s happening here – just get down and dirty and listen for yourself. Then don’t be surprised when you start seeing their name around the blogosphere.

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Garage Rock, Surf Rock
Ego Death Demos: Tracklist:
1.) Stallioning
2.) The ID
3.) Elevators & Escalators

DOWNLOAD the demos for FREE on Bandcamp

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