The Brainstems – Cold Sweatin’ CS

brainstems cold sweatin cs 2014

St. Louis garage rockers THE BRAINSTEMS just released their latest cassette tape Cold Sweatin’ on their own label Peacebath Records.

Although unsigned, the Midwestern foursome has scrapped together five releases on Bandcamp since 2012. Even more impressive than their diligence is the band member’s instrumental versatility. Sam Clapp, Sean Cotton and Andrew Warshauer seamlessly switch between guitar, bass and vocals while Kenny Hofmeister holds down the tempo on drums. The Brainstems are driven by a thunderously rhythmic drum and bass section, complemented by bright guitar tones and tinny, reverb-soaked vocals.

Their latest cassette Cold Sweatin’ is a true aggregate of American garage rock. While their style can be summed up to an homage of proto-punk, it is unfair to their collection of eclectic influences. The Brainstems have created a unique modern sound by incorporating elements of New York slacker rock and the surf-punk vibes normally found floating around California DIY bands.

The synthesis of sounds makes it difficult to pick a favorite from the six-song release. The opener “Onion Rings” begins with bold British invasion guitar riffs that build into a lost new wave banger. Midway through the cassette, “Cylindrical” transports listeners to the barrel of west coast waves with reverb-drenched guitar and grainy, psych-rock vocals.

Inspiration is ripe for the picking to any avid garage rock epicurean with 25 minutes to spare. Start by listening to the full cassette right below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Surf Rock
Cold Sweatin’ CS: Tracklist:
1.) Onion Rings
2.) Holy Ghost/Hunger Hole
3.) Cylindrical
4.) Moocher
5.) Nervous Conditions
6.) Fruit Tree

BUY the cassette from Peacebath Records !
The Brainstems on Facebook

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