Audacity – Vape Victim 7″

AUDACITY of Fullerton, California tear shit up on their brand new 7″ from the elusive Goodbye Boozy Records. Like all Goodbye Boozy releases, it comes limited to less than 300 copies with three different cover arts to go around.

The two songs included on their new 7″ come from a previous release of theirs on Burger Records – a cassette tape featuring eight songs that was released for the sole purpose of their winter tour in 2009 with Crystal Antlers. While those are fresh out by now, at least these two songs have been resurrected thanks to this new single.

“Vape Victim” is a totally sprawling ass kicker that somehow manages to stay remotely organized for its two minute length. A roaring guitar eventually greets you in what is a destructive mess of an introduction, flinging you head first into the rest of the song without the slightest bit of remorse. Suddenly your engulfed in bruising, tom-heavy drumming that spirals out of control in unison with the crunchy and frayed guitar chords. As the description that seems to be floating around with the 7″ promises, these rowdy bastards certainly prove right within this song why the have “youthful exuberance and exuberant youthfulness.” If you still don’t believe it check the song out right below the post.

“Indian Chief” is a song that reveals heavier surf-rock tenancies in their sound. Guitar riffs sound both flattening and massive as they plow on through with their abrasive complexion, showing off both primitive percussion and excellent song craftsmanship as everything combines into this snarling surf-punk rager that will only leave you begging for more. That being said, this is exactly the kind of garbage that we strive to find around here – with the reverb drenched vocals, jagged guitars and disastrous amounts of energy that only help suggest an excellent live performance. Unfortunately we don’t know that first hand, but hopefully sometime in the future we can say otherwise. Grab this single while you still can, because if it’s anything like other Goodbye Boozy releases, it’s difficult to track down and quite limited.

Vape Victim –

Indian Chief –

My Rating: 8.7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Surf Rock, Pop, Punk
Vape Victim 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Vape Victim
2.) Indian Chief

BUY the 7″ directly from Bis Auf’s while you still can!
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