Eohippus – Live Life on Opium 7″

Here’s the last of what we have from our friends at Velocity of Sound Records. It’s the 2010 single from Pittsburgh band EOHIPPUS, a band that we can’t really seem to find any extra information about.

While that is certainly true and difficult (try searching yourself), the one thing that we can definitely take from all of this is that drugs play a huge role in their sound, something that is confirmed both by the song titles and the brief description on the Velocity of Sound Records website. When something reads “Fuck Huey Lewis, we don’t need a new drug. We have perfectly good ones available on any street corner. This is America god damn it! LSD, heroin, opium and crack never sounded so good!” it’s kind of hard to forget about it, especially when listening to the music. From that point on, the notion is present while listening and once the self-titled opener starts up, you will not be able to dismiss this idea.

Crazed and shrieking vocals follow a pummeling and caffeinated drum-machine beat as the song blazes on through for one solid minute. Ascetic guitars and those tormenting vocal shrills continue to dominate as this freakish song leaves you feeling nothing short of harassed. While that first track was beyond unrelenting, the follow up “This Will Be Part of the Plan” changes gears quite drastically with a much more straightened and organized sound. Granted it still sounds a bit messy, but in reference to the first track, the change is like a whole new universe. The percussion is a traditional drum kit as opposed to the first (right?), followed along by crunchy guitar chords that suggest some garage rock roots somewhere in the mix. As the song progresses, it subtly begins to pick up some speed, constantly driven by a sloppily muffled kick-drum lurking deep beneath the mix.

As if a band name like “Eohippus” didn’t already suggest something might be strangely weird about this band, that is ultimately proven in the closing track “Burn to Burn“. When you get a minute, click that link to have your questions answered by listening on Soundcloud. While you’re at it, don’t forget to snag the 7″ from VOSR while it’s still around!

Live Life on Opium –

This Will Be Part of the Plan –

My Rating: 6.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Experimental, Electronic
Live Life on Opium 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Live Life on Opium
2.) This Will Be Part of the Plan
3.) Burn to Burn (Who Am I To Even Be You)

BUY the 7″ directly from Velocity of Sound Records
Eohippus on Myspace

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