Mutual Benefit/ Holy Spirits – Mutual Spirts 12″

Here we’ve got the first release from Father/ Daughter records since the turn of the new year. Featured on this split 12″ are two names that you should have no trouble grouping together, including MUTUAL BENEFIT and HOLY SPIRITS.

For the first few listens until things become more familiar, this record was like traveling through totally uncharted territories (which is a strange yet appropriate way to describe the cosmic sounds that will flow out of your speakers). On both sides of this split you will find lush, emotionally moving dream pop and chiming electronics, perhaps best illustrated in “Brownswan”. “Brownswan” sounds like an epic journey through a woozy space realm as the song orbits on the outskirts of a heavenly galaxy, being completely self-aware with charming gospel-like tones. Fluttering electronics supply endless textures, keeping you undoubtedly immersed in it’s subtle grasp, which even works for the hazy instrumental sound scape “Future House Show” or the reprise of “Brownswan”. Also included on this side of the split you will find soft and gentle acoustic (ukulele?) tunes such as “No Names”, with shared vocal efforts that will do nothing more but crack a warm smile on your face.

By this point, tagging this record as “soothing” would be a giant understatement and there’s still plenty of time to go. Flipping over to the Holy Spirits side, this group of Brooklynites appear to have a more tribal and spiritual element attached to their music that comes through in their equally rich songs. One solid example of this tribal element shining through comes in “To the Shore”, while “Open the Sparrow” supplies a deeper spiritual tone.

Taking gorgeous to a whole new level is “Handmade Sun”, which is enveloped in a breezy and sunny environment where mystery isn’t entirely unknown. Within you will find lots of subtle changes and sound differences until they suddenly shatter the peace around them. Things change like a bolt of lightning at the 4:20 mark, bringing me to say that nobody would have been able to predict that change. This brings us to the final note “I’ll Not Become”, which has sparse and nurturing guitar serenades to lull you to sleep in this sanctuary of a track.

In terms of genre, this is indeed a very specific release. For most people it will come down to the bottom line – they’ll either love it or hate it. See where you fall by checking out this handful of gorgeous gems below.

Brownswan –

No Names –

To the Shore –

Handmade Sun –

My Rating: 7.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Dream Pop, Folk, Ambient
Mutual Spirits 12″: Tracklist:
1.) Exit
2.) Brownswan
3.) Future House Show
4.) No Names
5.) Wishing
6.) Brownswan (Reprise)
7.) Open the Sparrow
8.) To the Shore
9.) Handmade Sun
10.) I’ll Not Become

BUY the 12″ from Father/ Daughter Records – limited to 250 on gold/white vinyl !
Mutual Benefit on Tumblr
Holy Spirits on Bandcamp

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