Phantasmagoria – Amalgamation 7″

Here’s a post consisting of things we’ve never had on our radar. PHANTASMAGORIA are an electronic duo from Detroit who just dropped their first 7″ on Five Three Dial Tone Records, a label also based out of Detroit.

For a band who cites one of their prominent influences as “nature”, these guys do a hell of a job reinforcing that statement. Included on this 7″ you will find vast soundscapes that will swallow you whole, especially during “Take It to the Moon”. Within the track you’ll meet a cosmic and organic break beat rhythm, complemented by plenty of scattered environmental sounds. This includes bubbling, chirping or sweeping winds that supply immensely provoking textures, unintentionally leaving you flustered as Lianna Vanicelli serenely howls away. Nonetheless this track is overwhelmingly overflowing with natural tendencies coming at you nonstop, leaving you in your own little corner of the world where the entire universe is only an arms length away.

Amalgamation –

Take It to the Moon –

My Rating: 6.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Ambient, Pop
Amalgamation 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Amalgamation
2.) Take It to the Moon

BUY the 7″ directly from Five Three Dial Tone Records – on green vinyl !
Phantasmagoria on Facebook

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