Toro Y Moi/ Cloud Nothings – Split 7″

What we have here is a split 7″ featuring TORO Y MOI and CLOUD NOTHINGS, appropriately coming from the Carpark Records label out of Washington D.C. Right now this single proves difficult to get your hands on, because the best I could come up with was an overpriced eBay link.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really ventured too far down this path – okay, more like never, so this is pretty much me getting my feet wet in the wavy pool that is Toro Y Moi (and by that I mean chillwavy). However you might have noticed chillwave isn’t one of the tags here and that’s probably never going to change. That being because there’s really no need for such an ambiguous tag where there’s already plenty of other words to describe these sounds: like dreamy, hazy, dancy, lounge, synth-pop, electronica, or easily enough, electronic. Maybe even new wave if you talk to the right person. Quite frankly though, I thought this was going to die out much sooner than this, but clearly things are still going, and they appear to be going quite strong. Normally a phrase like “If you can’t beat’em, join’em,” would work in a situation like this, but I think I’ll continue going my own route.

On the flip-side we’ve got another Cloud Nothings tune with some sick guitar work, which by now you should certainly be familiar with Cleveland pop-rocker Dylan Baldi. Two years ago nobody ever would have known the name Cloud Nothings and now he’s got at least six different singles, a handful of cassette releases, a full length on Carpark and it all started from the original “Turning On” CD-R that came from Bridgetown Records. Talk about a journey. This dude is killing it as far as releases go, but how much longer will the cutesy and catchy crunch-pop actually last before it sounds like he’s just working in circles? You tell us.

I Will Talk to You –

For No Reason –

My Rating: 5/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Pop, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
Carpark Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) I Will Talk to You
2.) For No Reason

BUY the tracks digitally from Insound – or snag this one on eBay
Toro Y Moi on Blogspot
Cloud Nothings on Facebook

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