Home Blitz – Perpetual Night 7″

HOME BLITZ is the recording project of Daniel DiMaggio, a one man band who plays all the instruments and does all of the recording right out of his home in New Jersey. Almost Ready Records put out this gem last year in April which is a total bummer because it took us this long to find it.

However we probably never even would have come across it if it weren’t for Repo Records in Philadelphia. Speaking of, just look at this picture of their wall from the other day – almost half of those releases have been covered here. Can you say awesome? They’ve stocked up on some Cosmonauts, Cult of Youth and Pure X amongst plenty of other goodies. They’re even responsible for the post of the Sacred Bones Todo Muere compilation from Record Store Day. But moving on!

We’ve got two tracks here that don’t even add up to five minutes, which in turn works out perfectly because you’ll just find yourself spinning this one again and again. A-side “Perpetual Night” is a catchy, stripped down power-pop number with slightly abrasive punk inflections, done up with plenty of confidence that radiates through the air. The frantic playing style paired up with bold vocals easily makes for a memorable single, and by now you should already be happy with what your hearing – until of course, a fiery guitar solo joins in to totally steal the show. Done deal! The B-side is a cover of the song “Murder in My Heart” from The Searchers 1981 album “Love’s Melodies”, which couldn’t be a more fitting B-side for this single’s aesthetic. Give’em a try right below!

Perpetual Night –

Murder in My Heart –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Lo-Fi
Perpetual Night 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Perpetual Night
2.) Murder in My Heart

BUY the 7″ here at Discogs – it’s sold out at the Almost Ready store
Home Blitz on Myspace

3 thoughts on “Home Blitz – Perpetual Night 7″

  1. Well the Philadelphia record stores sure are bustling with good materials! I’m jealous we don’t have more of those in New Jersey. Home Blitz is definitely one of the best out of New Jersey, for sure. The LP is phenominal, and this 7″ is a perfect addition. I only wish that Perpetual Night was perpetually playing.
    I saw Dan DiMaggio and his crew, giving it, at a backyard show in Brooklyn in the summer of 2009, and it was so much fun. His stage energy is incredible. If they ever play near anyone who reads this, call out sick from work, tell yr little cousin you have to miss his birthday party, and make sure you get yr ass to that show because, chances are, you’ll never forget the experience!
    Both of these songs are amazing, but I can’t help but listen to Perpetual Night on repeat.

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