Brainstorm – Flat Earth EP

Portland duo BRAINSTORM are back in 2011 with a brand new digital EP, sticking to a wide variety of influences and ethnic sounds through their captivating and high-energy approach.

While Brainstorm manage to pull off such an unsettling feat, not every other band would have the same success trying to do what these guys do. The end result would end up messy, unorganized and probably cliche, while fumbling through sounds, but Brainstorm take a careful, authentic and obviously formulated approach – they don’t just sit down and use the first idea that comes to mind. Something about this music seems like it would need plenty of trial and error methodology before finally finding things that fit and flow together smoothly, eventually evolving into these resilient and primal Brainstorm tracks we have here today. For example, how do you know when the tuba is going to flow and fit well in the music? Clearly for this duo, it’s all about intuition.

If the songs from their earlier 7″ resonated with you, then you should have no trouble with these tracks. Musically there’s not too much that’s strikingly different from the 7″, with the only difference that comes to mind being song lengths, which obviously doesn’t really alter anything anyway. So I guess that comment is irrelevant, but see how you feel about these tracks matched up to those on the 7″ – we’re pretty sure you’ll find more similarities than differences, but there’s still something about that single that makes it come out on top.

Flat Earth –

Forms Without a Frame –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Experimental, World
Flat Earth EP: Tracklist:
1.) Flat Earth
2.) Forms Without a Frame

BUY the EP digitally from the Brainstorm Bandcamp
Brainstorm on Myspace

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