Circle Pit – Bruise Constellation

Hope everyone’s weekend went well! Unfortunately the Phillies couldn’t help make mine any better than it was, but hey, what’s done is done. Now it’s time to focus on some music, because let’s be serious, it’s everybody’s favorite thing 😉

Today’s music of focus comes all the way from Sydney, Australia, from a band you might already know as CIRCLE PIT. This looks like it’s their first official full length, coming from the local Siltbreeze Records label, which couldn’t be a more fitting home for the album. Besides this new full length, the only other material you can find from the band is either this 7″ right here, or the stuff they have for sale in this Myspace blog post.

So when listening to this stuff, a lot of different thoughts and describing words might come to mind. Some of the more prominent descriptors would be scrappy, trashy, scummy, scratchy…most of which stem from the grainy, sandpaper-like guitars that dominate the entire album. These abrasive guitars drive the songs, being impeccably heavy at times, and freakishly psyched-out at other times.

Their high energy approach also helps add to the madness, and when it’s mixed with their strangely rewarding slacker-esque type vocals, it makes for quite an interesting combination. The raspy, “I don’t give a fuck” tone of voice is definitely part of the sound, and once it’s paired with the boy-girl vocal harmonies, you’ll see how well it all fits together. This is definitely the kind of album that you will like at first listen, but keep at it and you’ll notice that the shit’s grown on you like no other, way more than you ever expected – the excellent guitar work, angsty vocals, and a driven attitude (not to mention an interesting cover art) will certainly keep you coming back for more and more.

Just about every last song on the record could count as a highlight, but the ones that stood out the most for me were Wave Machine, Dead Meat, Infinity (which is strangely different than anything else on the album), Hurricane, Another Trick, Drowning in the Dark, and Beginning and the End. Definitely don’t sleep on this stuff, because I must warn you that you will be sorry if you do. Check out the songs I left ya below, and soon you’ll love Circle Pit. And if that’s not enough for you, I’d recommend listening to Top Surprise – there’s definitely some similarities between the two.

Infinity –

Another Trick –

Drowning in the Dark –

Beginning and the End –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Psychedelic, Indie Rock, Australian
Bruise Constellation: Tracklist:
1.) Wave Machine
2.) Dead Meat
3.) Speed Limits
4.) Infinity
5.) Hurricane
6.) Another Trick
7.) Drowning in the Dark
8.) Shallow Grave
9.) Strange Blue
10.) Beginning and the End

Circle Pit on Myspace !
Follow Circle Pit on Tumblr
BUY the LP directly from Insound

6 thoughts on “Circle Pit – Bruise Constellation

  1. what will my mother think… 😦 this s#*t grew on me =>
    ~infinity was the first one that sucked me in. Thank the world’s creator for AUSTRALIA
    ~and yes the music is EVERYbody’s favorite thing…above all!!! 🙂

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