Real Estate – Out of Tune 7″

Look – it’s the new Real Estate 7″. I saw this gem in the record store yesterday, and I didn’t really think twice after seeing it – naturally it suddenly ended up in my hands. After that I brought it back home and put in on my record player. Then I ripped the songs, and now I’m here sharing it with you lovely people out there on the interweb. Funny how that works out. So in case you weren’t already aware, this is the new 7″ from Real Estate, complete with two fresh songs called “Out of Tune” and “Reservoir”. Not sure if this one is a limited pressing or anything like that, but it comes from the True Panther Sounds label, and you should probably get this one sooner than later – if it’s like other Real Estate singles, it won’t be around forever.

First song up is the crystal-clear “Out of Tune”, and this one also goes great with the weather and feel for this time of year. Joyous, delightful guitars change back and forth, going from clean cut to swirling and intoxicating, all while the bass line continues to punch through, keeping the song in line from beginning to end. There’s a slight psychedelic/ folky tone mixed into the song, but it doesn’t overshadow the poppy/ indie vibes. Lead singer Martin Courtney sings about watching the cars pass by on I-95, which is a major highway spanning the whole East coast, also passing through our fine city of Philadelphia. Now flip that shit for the B-side “Reservoir”.

Another crystal-clear track, this was a song Real Estate played on one of their more recent visits to Philadelphia. If you can remember back to April, this was that ‘new song’ that Real Estate played back @ the Barbary. At that point in time, the song was still unnamed, and it was only their third time playing it live, but they did say it would be out soon enough on a new 7″, so at least they kept their promise! Six months later it finally saw a physical release, and I’ve got it here for you all today. Check out the songs below, and if yr bored, check out Real Estate live in Philadelphia.

Out of Tune –

Reservoir –

My Rating: 7.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Alt-Country, Pop
Out of Tune 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Out of Tune
2.) Reservoir

Real Estate on Myspace !
BUY the 7″ directly from Insound
Watch Real Estate & Family Portrait do their thing live in Philadelphia
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