Dilian – Basement Song 7″ EP

Coming from way out in left field is DILIAN of Brooklyn, NY. The collection of songs on his EP is like a mutated batch of synth-pop that totally embraces how weird it really is.

“Basement Song” right away sounds like pretty and playful indie-pop, dominated by both chilly and woozy electronics scattered in the cracks, wielding the necessary characteristics to fall somewhere between electro-pop and indie rock. In a song like this, the pop notions are clearly right in the forefront, but as the rest of the EP unfolds, this doesn’t hold true for much longer past the opening track.

Next up, “I Swear!” changes direction entirely. It’s a totally unsettling techno number which sounds like it came straight from a crazed dance floor, which is a different beast entirely from the first track. As if you didn’t think they could trick as any more, “Thank God, She’s Pregnant” is a musical oddity if there ever was one. This kind of track makes us want to start from scratch again and reanalyze from the beginning. With the way the first two tracks went, this third one definitely sticks out like a sore thumb…and not an entirely welcomed one. How on earth did it reach this point? Gritty harmonica samples and a creepily muffled voice guides us through the sparse landscape, with the end result being the buzzy “Young Reign.”

“Young Reign” sounds like an intergalactic sci-fi horror scene, with electronics that swirl and convulse as the menacing undertone keeps you feeling quite vulnerable. This one see’s Dilian working back toward more familiar territory, but not without our notion that this is an unfocused release. Tracks range across such a broad spectrum that it’s hard to believe in any of them, but if you were looking for variety then look no further.

Basement Song –

I Swear! –

My Rating: 6.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Electronic, Pop
Basement Song 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Basement Song
2.) I Swear!
3.) Thank God, She’s Pregnant
4.) Young Reign

BUY the 7″ directly from the band – limited to 300, comes with download !
Dilian on Tumblr
Dilian on Facebook

One thought on “Dilian – Basement Song 7″ EP

  1. I really love this dude, i think this ep is more a of single for basment song tho.. with some weird b-side tracks that are super well done, pretty cool… got the whole album and contains 3 more tracks, one of which is actually another well constructed melodic singalong tune, it reminds me of ween in the way they can construct a perfectly well crafted pop song and then go to some crazy stuff. there’s this pretty video of another dilian song as well: http://vimeo.com/24749916 – if you haven’t seen… 🙂

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