Kurt Vile – In My Time 7″

Yo dudes. Last we heard from KURT VILE, it was back in the beginning days of June when he put out his Summery good times EP called “Square Shells”. Now the local Philly bro is back once more, this time with a brand new 7″ from Matador records. This 7″ is like a preview for Vile’s upcoming studio album, which they say should be hitting the shelves during 2011. According to the words in that link, we’ll probably hear at least one of these songs on the new album, but it doesn’t seem like anything has been set in stone just yet. Until we know more, this new 7″ will have to keep us satisfied – which is due out digitally on October 25th, and in limited edition 7″ format, due November 7th.

“In My Time” is a warm, nostalgic song featuring Kurt’s unique playing styles, and just like anything else from him out there, it’s certainly “worthy of recognition”. For the most part, the song has an acoustic folksy vibe, reminiscent of the early days of Autumn when the leaves start to fall and it begins to get cold out. With that being said, his music always seems to go great with the weather, but this guitar driven song isn’t just acoustics and folk. Things change up a bit when the lead guitar gets a make-over and suddenly turns into a psyched-out mess – something we already know Kurt is highly capable of, only this time we probably didn’t see it coming. The song fades out on this guitar, and chances are it’s going to make you put the song on for another spin. Now if only we could hear the rest of the songs from the 7″. I don’t think I’ve ever featured something without hearing the full tracklist, so consider this post an exception. Enjoy.

In My Time –

My Rating: none-haven’t heard the whole 7″
Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative
In My Time: Tracklist:
1.) In My Time
2.) Early Dawnin’
3.) Sad Ghost

Kurt Vile on Myspace
PREORDER the 7″ right now @ Matador Records
Videos of Kurt Vile & Fucked Up live in Philadelphia – check it out
Kurt Vile – Square Shells EP previously posted on the Drone

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