Day Creeper – Central States

day creeper central states lp superdreamer records 2015

DAY CREEPER dropped their first release – a split 7″ with Night of Pleasure – way back in 2008. Today they are here with their sophomore LP Central States, their first release for Superdreamer/ Heel Turn Records after their 2013 debut on Tic Tac Totally.

This is our first time touching on any Day Creeper release, but we won’t be missing any from the Columbus, OH crew from here on out. With the simple approach this 4-piece takes to crafting garage rock and pop, it’s difficult to dismiss their honest but aggressive delivery. They throw in a frequent punk-inflected stomp to go with Aaron Troyer’s clear and witty crooning (like in “The Way You’re Told”) – Troyer is easy to sing along with and makes these tracks more accessible than they already are. He’s backed by bassist Laura Bernazzoli (for example, in “Get Off My Wavelength” or her spoken words in “Luxury Condominium”) who occasionally adds a bit of background melody to their innocent boy-girl delivery.

With 10 full tracks on the LP, we’re making the argument that every last one is worth hearing. The fun begins in “Just a Game,” where you’re met with invigorating guitars, tight percussion and fuzzy bass lines to support it all. Troyer confirms again and again that life is simply a game and you need to learn how to play – “try to make amends/ you fucked over all your friends,” “but I’ve had it up to here/ reservations disappear.” It’s filled out with some noisy guitar soloing. “Luxury Condominium” becomes an immediate highlight built with bright and clean guitars but Troyer’s vocals again become a focal point. Percussion provides a gut-punching thud while guitars offer some melodic soloing, twanging and throbbing like a swelling sore thumb. He confidently howls, “luxury condominium/ show’em what I’m worth/ spend my money for the sake of recreation/ I made a choice based on convenience/ I made a choice to define success.” He wraps up the track by repeating “everything’s below me” in a variety of ways, but is he referring to himself literally being higher up than everything else, or that he’s better than the world because of his high-class condo?

“The Way You’re Told” unfolds cleanly with a raging pop sensibility and some grungy bass, but it changes up to a stampeding punk pummel before long. “Going out of style/ never worth your while. Staring at your sister/ boyfriend just missed her” croons Troyer, who is attempting to justify the process with the daily intricacies of life and how you’re supposed to handle them. They’re at their best again in “Dream Burial,” suddenly creating a slight alt-country vibe with driving guitar chords and a marching rhythm that seeks to knock you on your ass. “Apply My Application” is the heavyweight album closer, boasting a spiny guitar bridge and Troyer’s brutal honesty – “I don’t give two shits about the things that people do when they’re alone” – before belting out one final furious breakdown.

Don’t miss this handful of tracks below – you can download them for free – and be sure to snag an LP from either Superdreamer or Hell Turn Records – they both offer the LP for $15 flat with shipping in the US.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Pop
Central States LP: Tracklist:
1.) Just a Game
2.) Get Off My Wavelength
3.) Luxury Condominium
4.) The Way You’re Told
5.) Ignore the Signs
6.) Makeshift Maker
7.) Dream Burial
8.) Eye of Madness
9.) Acid Rain
10.) Apply My Application

BUY the LP from Superdreamer Records
Day Creeper on Facebook
Day Creeper on Bandcamp

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