Krang – Speed of Tent 7″

KRANG is made up of four dudes from Edmonton. Their combination of musical talents together creates a psychedelic sweat lodge of insanity that will most certainly tear you a brand new asshole.

This appears to be Krang’s first vinyl release from Mammoth Cave Recording, but they have other releases that you can easily find on their Bandcamp. Mammoth Cave thinks it’s their best release to date – we’d have to agree.

“Speed of Tent” features a gritty lo-fi crunch that doesn’t let up for the duration of the whole 7″. Mangled guitar squeals tower over everything else in the most ferocious way possible. They put it on heavy, which means you should listen to this LOUD, just be careful not to bust your speakers. Too much exposure might result in a splitting headache, which is just fair warning! Notice the relentless metallic screeching as well – bet you wouldn’t have guessed that’s a clarinet player. This demonic and haunting screech builds up and sounds like an owl cooing in the woods, which gets to the point where you’ll be utterly confused trying to make sense of it all.

“Spirit Animal” is when all hell breaks loose. Once again you’re lost in the swirling lo-fi crunch, basking in the sweltering humidity of an evil hell hole and once it sucks you up there’s no coming back. The vocals are heavy on the reverb, sounding like they’re echoing off the walls of a huge amphitheater. Suddenly the song morphs into an absolutely blistering psychedelic mess that’s loud enough to make your ears bleed. This will certainly keep you coming back for seconds due to the blazing intensity. The guitar chords get absolutely mauled and suffer an immense beat down, but that’s all part of the surprise waiting to unfold. You can hear the clarinet in the final thirty seconds, which might make you question if it’s actually a clarinet or not.

Speed of Tent –

Spirit Animal –

My Rating: 8.4/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
Speed of Tent 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Speed of Tent
2.) Spirit Animal

BUY the 7″ directly from Mammoth Cave – limited to 300 !!
Krang on Bandcamp
Krang on Blogspot

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