Two Gallants – What the Toll Tells

Back in 2005, Two Gallants signed to Saddle Creek Records. One year and multiple controversial happenings later, they released their album called “What the Toll Tells”. For the two members of Two Gallants, Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel, 2006 was quite an eventful year. First and foremost, they released their album. Then there was one night on October 13th, 2006, where Two Gallants were playing a show in Houston, Texas at Walters on Washington. Not long into their set, the band was attacked on-stage by a cop who was supposed to be there on account of a noise violation. Before long, the cop pulled out his taser and got a bit trigger happy. Here is one video of the incident on YouTube, and another right here. Unfortunately because of that cop, the show had to be cut short, and a 90 year old stand up bass was destroyed! Bummer! I know for a fact that I would have been extremely angry at that cop, and obviously every person attending that night was unhappy, just check the videos.
During the same year, the band even managed to receive more complaints because of their lyrical content. I’m not going to go to deep into this, but the song in question is the called “Long Summer Day“. The song is about a black slave man who has had enough of his righteous white owner, and decides to solve the problem through violence. This is portrayed in the lyrics below.

“Well if you should see my wife,
Tell her that I wont be home tonight,
So don’t leave on the light.
I got a little business down the road,
And If I’m dead by sunrise,
Kiss my baby girl for me.
It ain’t life if it ain’t free.
I’ve got a mighty burden to unload.”

Most of the songs from this album follow a similar pattern, being that most of them are like stories. Such tracks are “Las Cruces Jail”, “Long Summer Day”, and “Waves of Grain”, just to name a few. “Waves of Grain“, the albums closing track, is an epic track in itself. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, the song gradually gets louder and faster, with Vogels explosive and melodic drumming, he never ceases to amaze. If you never thought drummers were anything special, you need to watch the Waves of Grain video in the link above, because you will have a new found respect for drummers everywhere. A video can capture the action quite nicely, but nothing beats a live performance. Pick a spot right in front of the drummer at your next Two Gallants show, and you’re guaranteed to be entertained from beginning to end. As long as no power hungry cops try to come through and ruin your good time, that is.

What the Toll Tells: Tracklist

1.) “Las Cruces Jail” – 5:46
2.) “Steady Rollin'” – 4:28
3.) “Some Slender Rest” – 8:57
4.) “Long Summer Day” – 4:54
5.) “The Prodigal Son” – 3:13
6.) “Threnody” – 9:34
7.) “16th St. Dozens” – 5:15
8.) “Age of Assassins” – 8:01
9.) “Waves of Grain” – 9:34

Two Gallants: Official Website
What the Toll Tells: BUY

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