Looking for an opening…

styrodroneHello old friends,

Remember this place? Yeah, I do too. It’s been awhile – the digital dust has definitely settled. Inboxes are full and virtually have no space left. Blog photos and mp3s have been deleted, links are broken, contacts are lost, relationships have faded, save for the occasional tweet or post from old blogging buddies (it’s not all doom and gloom).

It’s been over two years. My ears never truly stopped listening to what’s out there. Maybe far less frequently than the glory days, but sometimes life takes a firm hold and, more or less, forces you in a different direction. I’d like to say I found my way back around after a couple of missteps, and the best part is (despite what I’ve said above), is that our little corner of the Internet still managed to survive in some capacity – hey, we still have our own URL – but there’s plenty of tidying up to be done.

All that said, this is an announcement that this blog and its creator are here with a new goal in mind. I am searching for a new opening, and the plan is to keep it right here where it all began.

Let’s see what happens!

Thank you for any support you may show,

Styrofoam Drone



8 thoughts on “Looking for an opening…

  1. Loved following your blog in the past. I found a lot of great music through Styrofoam Drone and have missed it.

  2. Hey what’s your preferred method of contact? I tried to send you an email but it wouldn’t work and your FB is down at the moment.


  3. Pumped that you are back in action. You’ve turned me on to some great tunes over the years….

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