Boogie Boarder – Pizza Hero

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Instrumental, Noise Rock, Surf

Hello! I hope everybody’s Record Store Day went well and you all got the releases you wanted! Now, I’ve started posts off like this in the past, but doesn’t everybody like to be surprised at some point in their day? That’s just what this album “Pizza Hero” did to me. Other than knowing that these guys were an instrumental band, I can’t say I knew much else before listening. With that being said, I absolutely love being completely caught off guard when listening to music, and it’s not an everyday thing that happens either, but “Pizza Hero” certainly does the trick.

The first track “Sparks” wastes no time getting things started. Before you know it you’re in the midst of a full on musical assault with pulsating bass lines and relentless guitar hooks, all while you’re still trying to figure out “Where the hell did this band come from?” Well, believe it or not, they come from Brooklyn, New York, but as far as bands go these days, that’s old news. The next track on the album, “Bio Hassle”, is surely worth your time, with it’s quick stop/start action, grimy sounding bass lines, and electrically charged guitar solos. The best way to hear this song would probably be through their ridiculously fun music video, where they play in a van full of balloons, smash guitars, and eat watermelon. Towards the end they have an all-out party in the back of the van complete with cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and pizza that seems to be flying anywhere but the eaters mouths. Watch the debauchery below.

Moving on from “Bio Hassle” gets you into the “Pig Pile” two-part suite that play into each other almost perfectly. The first slower half ends with some awesome descending guitar hooks, while during the second half is when things start to get fast and crazy. They turn up the intensity about a minute in, where you can definitely hear the use of some vocal harmonies, which adds a nice touch to the song.

Just like the two “Pig Pile” tracks, other highlights include “Bummers Begin”, “Little Giants”, and the epic closing track “USRA”. All in all, “Pizza Hero” clocks in at just about 30 minutes of time, and if you’re looking for a very enjoyable half-hour of your day, then “Pizza Hero” is the way to go. Thanks for reading, and check back soon – Real Estate is tonight.

Pizza Hero: Tracklist
1.) Sparks
2.) Bio Hassle
3.) Pig Pile Part I
4.) Pig Pile Part II
5.) Bummers Begin
6.) Little Giants
7.) Dirty Gary
8.) USRA

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