Vermillion Sands – Vermillion Sands

Here’s something that we’ve been waiting for for awhile now. It’s the first full length record from Italy’s own Vermillion Sands. The album was released a little over a month ago at this point (April 10th), and it was put out by the Alien Snatch! Records label. Up until this point, the Vermillion Sands were getting by simply by releasing a new 7″ every few months or so, but now we finally have a proper release from the gritty garage rocking 4-some that is the Vermillion Sands. Lead singer Anna Barattin fearlessly takes vocal duties all the way through the album, and is backed up by her band mates who plow through songs with galloping drum beats, tense bass lines and jangly guitars.

The album kicks off on the fast paced “In the Wood”, which originally came from the In the Wood 7″ that came out back in February 2009. This song gives you a good taste at what the Vermillion Sands sound like, and it works well as an opening track. It has a small piece of all the elements that Vermillion Sands have had in the past; such as Barattin’s nasally, heavily accented voice, crunchy guitars or the fast-paced nonstop action. The second track on the album, “Monsoon Blues”, is the first song on the record that wasn’t previously put out on a 7″ that we had covered. It’s a bit slowed down, which gives it kind of a menacing feel, almost like you’re in a room that’s spinning around without ever taking a moment to stop.

The next track “Wake Me When I Die” may be a familiar one. This track came from the first record the Vermillion Sands had ever put out, the outstanding Mary 7″, which is probably the most solid of all their 7″ records to date. Moving on to track four, this one is another brand new VS song. It’s called “The Last Day”, and it’s got those extremely tense bass lines and jangly guitars that we have mentioned before. The following track “Peter Peter” totally changes the mood completely from the last track. When this one starts off it’s going to sound like you’re hanging out in a barnyard on a farm somewhere, but one thing that is for sure is that this guy Peter sounds like he’s having a rough time. Lead singer Barattin sings “Once he used to have great fun, and now he’s coming with a gun.” Definitely keep your eyes peeled for this Peter guy – he doesn’t sound too pleasant, and apparently, he’s got a gun. Hell, he couldn’t even keep his wife. Either way though, this is an excellent track. Be sure to check this one out below.

Moving ahead to the track “Star Light Star Bright”, this song kind of follows a similar path of the song “Monsoon Blues”. It’s has that restless feel to it, not to mention the strained bass line and it’s relentless approach. It’s not a surprise that it’s the shortest song on the record considering how fast it is. Next up would be “Weary & Weak”, which takes a step back and gives you a chance to catch your breath, unlike the previous track. About halfway through on this one a noisy guitar comes in to shake things up for a few seconds, and then pops up again in the final minute before the song ends, all while the spaced out lead guitar hangs above your head and guides you through the song. Next track “Warm Up” starts off in familiar Vermillion Sands territory before moving into a ridiculously fuzzed-out guitar solo, which is sure to catch you by surprise. Skipping ahead to the last track “Ghost Song”, this one is in a department of its own. Barattin’s echoing, drowned out vocals sound as if she’s floating through space somewhere without ever coming back down. It’s got quite a different feel to it that wasn’t anywhere else on the album, which leaves you wondering where these Italian garage rockers are going to bring us next. Until then, we’ll just have to guess. Thanks for coming by once again, and please be sure to listen to the mp3’s below.

Wake Me When I Die –

Peter Peter –

Weary & Weak –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Italian
Vermillion Sands s/t: Tracklist
1.) In the Wood
2.) Monsoon Blues
3.) Wake Me When I Die
4.) The Last Day
5.) Peter Peter
6.) Razors
7.) Star Light Star Bright
8.) Weary & Weak
9.) Warm Up
10.) Sew My Heart
11.) Ghost Song

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Vermillion Sands – Something Wrong 7″

So we have been covering a lot from Italy’s own Vermillion Sands over the past few months. It all started with the Mary 7″ that totally caught me off guard, and ever since then we’ve been following the Vermillion Sands and whatever they put out next. As of lately, the Vermillion Sands released their first full length, and almost at the same time they put out yet another 7″ record. This most recent 7″ was put out by Hell, Yes! Records, located in Venezia, Italy.

The 7″ features two brand new, never before heard songs from our friends the Vermillion Sands. On the A-side we have the song “Something Wrong”, that has quite a familiar sound to it. There is that galloping bass line that comes out in many of the Vermillion Sands songs, as well as Anna Barattin nasally singing voice. Many times throughout the song we’re face to face with a squealing guitar riff and the quick roll of the snare drum. Within the last minute of the song the lead guitar joins the rest of the gang, playing a rusty guitar hook along with the squeal of the guitarist who is credited as “Krano”.

Flipping over to the B-side, things change pretty quickly. The A-side was faster, more upbeat, and almost at a walking pace. On the B-side they slow things down a bit, almost as if they’re playing outside on an extremely humid summer day. The song is dominated by slow, lazy sounding lead guitars that are sliding up and down all over the place. Once you reach the middle of the song (and at the end) there is a jangly, ear piercing guitar noise that’s not entirely obvious on how it’s being played. Definitely a mysterious sound there. It works wonders for the song, because as a whole it’s in sort of a dazed state. The fade-out at the end also adds a nice touch, because the song never quite reaches a conclusion, which adds to that mysterious vibe throughout the track. Check out the mp3’s below! Thanks for reading once again!

Something Wrong –

Mother of Earth –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Italian
Something Wrong 7″: Tracklist
1.) Something Wrong
2.) Mother of Earth

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Vermillion Sands – In the Wood 7″

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Italian

Hey friends, how’s it going? It’s raining right now in Philadelphia. That doesn’t make me happy. Hopefully the weather is better in your town.

So who remembers the Vermillion Sands? They’re a folky, gritty female-fronted band that come all the way from a place called Treviso in Northern Italy. And I’m sure it’s a beautiful place, unlike where I am today. So we have been following a handful of the releases from the Vermillion Sands, including their latest “Miss My Gun” EP, and one of their earlier efforts, the “Mary” 7″ that was put out on Rijapov Records. Now in 2010, we finally have a full length release from these Italian garage rockers, and you can find it over at ALIEN SNATCH! Records. My guess is that the full-length is a culmination of all of these smaller releases from the band, but I only recognize two songs on the tracklist. Either way, I’m sure the record will still be overflowing with the folky-garage pop sound that is the Vermillion Sands, along with the nasally voice of lead singer Anna Barattin…

…Just like this “In the Wood” 7″ that I have been neglecting to comment on. It has three new songs that you may or may not have heard up til now, with one of them being the opening track on the forthcoming full-length we were just talking about. That song is simply called “In the Wood”, and it kicks off quickly with a fuzzy synthesizer. It almost gives you that feeling that you’re actually in the woods somewhere, but that’s up for you to decide. Whenever I try to host an mp3 on the blog, it usually fails miserably, so I’m going to point you in the direction of their MySpace so you can hear “In the Wood”, just click that last link. It’s one of the first songs they have on their for your listening pleasure, so please do yourself a favor and check it out.

In the Wood 7″: Tracklist
1.) In the Wood
2.) May
3.) Trouble in My Way

Vermillion Sands on MySpace
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Vermillion Sands – Miss My Gun EP

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Italian

Last Friday night I had some down time, so some friends and I decided to go out. We made one of our stops at AKA Music, along with a few others. Before going into the store I hadn’t necessarily planned to buy anything, but sure enough, like always, AKA had something I had previously been seeking out. After discovering the band Vermillion Sands and posting one of their other releases here on the blog (Vermillion Sands – Mary 7″), I couldn’t help but get all giddy when I came across another one of their records. This time it was their latest effort, the “Miss My Gun” EP which was released in December of 2009 by Sacred Bones Records. The EP features five new tracks from the band, along with a cover song. The cover, “I’m a Little Mixed Up”, was originally performed by a woman named Betty James from back in 1961. More information on Betty James right here. As far as the rest of the music goes, the band stays within the confines of their infectious folky-garage rock that’s dusted with a thin layer of country. Infectious is the appropriate word, because songs like “Where Was He From”, “Miss My Gun”, and “I’m a Little Mixed Up” will probably get stuck in your head and keep you coming back for second, third, and fourth listens. Dare I say fifth? While the EP downloads, be sure to listen to “Miss My Gun”, which you can hear below. Please keep in mind that the band is fronted by a female singer, Anna Barattin.  Also, a full length is due out on Fat Possum Records in the near future! Please come soon!

Vermillion Sands – Miss My Gun

Miss My Gun EP: Tracklist
1.) Where Was He From
2.) Miss My Gun
3.) I Need No One
4.) I’m a Little Mixed Up
5.) Disappear Chanell

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Mary 7″ previously posted on the Styrofoam Drone

Vermillion Sands – Mary 7″

It’s always a great feeling when a band catches you off guard and you’re thinking, “Wow, I didn’t think these guys were going to sound like this.”. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first heard these songs here. The band I have for you today is called Vermillion Sands, and they’re quite good. The band is currently made up of 4 members, and they all come from Treviso, Italy. Up to this point, there are only a few 7″ records and a 12″ EP that the band has put out. You can check out their latest 12″ EP over at Insound. If you’re interested in the 7″ records, you can probably find more information about those here, here, and here. As far as the music goes, these guys make an infectious blend of garage rock and folk rock that’s just great. The opening track “Mary” has more of the garage rock feel and also some crazy sound effects, while songs like “Wake Me When I Die” and “Would You Kindly Direct Me to Hell” are a bit more on the folk side of the fence. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they have a female singer. Her name is Anna.

Mary: Tracklist
1.) Mary – 3:33
2.) Wake Me When I Die – 2:16
3.) Would You Kindly Direct Me to Hell – 2:47

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