Vermillion Sands – Something Wrong 7″

So we have been covering a lot from Italy’s own Vermillion Sands over the past few months. It all started with the Mary 7″ that totally caught me off guard, and ever since then we’ve been following the Vermillion Sands and whatever they put out next. As of lately, the Vermillion Sands released their first full length, and almost at the same time they put out yet another 7″ record. This most recent 7″ was put out by Hell, Yes! Records, located in Venezia, Italy.

The 7″ features two brand new, never before heard songs from our friends the Vermillion Sands. On the A-side we have the song “Something Wrong”, that has quite a familiar sound to it. There is that galloping bass line that comes out in many of the Vermillion Sands songs, as well as Anna Barattin nasally singing voice. Many times throughout the song we’re face to face with a squealing guitar riff and the quick roll of the snare drum. Within the last minute of the song the lead guitar joins the rest of the gang, playing a rusty guitar hook along with the squeal of the guitarist who is credited as “Krano”.

Flipping over to the B-side, things change pretty quickly. The A-side was faster, more upbeat, and almost at a walking pace. On the B-side they slow things down a bit, almost as if they’re playing outside on an extremely humid summer day. The song is dominated by slow, lazy sounding lead guitars that are sliding up and down all over the place. Once you reach the middle of the song (and at the end) there is a jangly, ear piercing guitar noise that’s not entirely obvious on how it’s being played. Definitely a mysterious sound there. It works wonders for the song, because as a whole it’s in sort of a dazed state. The fade-out at the end also adds a nice touch, because the song never quite reaches a conclusion, which adds to that mysterious vibe throughout the track. Check out the mp3’s below! Thanks for reading once again!

Something Wrong –

Mother of Earth –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Italian
Something Wrong 7″: Tracklist
1.) Something Wrong
2.) Mother of Earth

Vermillion Sands on Myspace
BUY the Something Wrong 7″ directly from Hell, Yes! Records
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