Vermillion Sands – Mary 7″

It’s always a great feeling when a band catches you off guard and you’re thinking, “Wow, I didn’t think these guys were going to sound like this.”. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first heard these songs here. The band I have for you today is called Vermillion Sands, and they’re quite good. The band is currently made up of 4 members, and they all come from Treviso, Italy. Up to this point, there are only a few 7″ records and a 12″ EP that the band has put out. You can check out their latest 12″ EP over at Insound. If you’re interested in the 7″ records, you can probably find more information about those here, here, and here. As far as the music goes, these guys make an infectious blend of garage rock and folk rock that’s just great. The opening track “Mary” has more of the garage rock feel and also some crazy sound effects, while songs like “Wake Me When I Die” and “Would You Kindly Direct Me to Hell” are a bit more on the folk side of the fence. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they have a female singer. Her name is Anna.

Mary: Tracklist
1.) Mary – 3:33
2.) Wake Me When I Die – 2:16
3.) Would You Kindly Direct Me to Hell – 2:47

Vermillion Sands on Myspace/Facebook
Mary 7″: BUY! from InterPunk

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