Os Noctámbulos – Outsider 7″

os noctàmbulos outsider 7 requiem pour un twister records 2015

Following their debut LP released in early 2014 on Evil Hoodoo Records, French sneering rebels OS NOCTÁMBULOS have just released a brand new 7″ titled Outsider on Croque Macadam Records.
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Waylon Thornton & The Heavy Hands – Enter The Coven

waylon thorton and the heavy hands enter the coven cs 2013

One of the more enjoyable things coming out of Florida these days is WAYLON THORNTON & THE HEAVY HANDS. Comprised of Waylon and his wife Meg on drums, this duo from Gainesville doesn’t seem the least bit shy taking you through a whirlwind tunnel of a twisted, time-warped journey. Continue reading “Waylon Thornton & The Heavy Hands – Enter The Coven”

Primitive Hearts – High & Tight LP

primitive hearts high and tight lp 2013 Resurrection records

Straight out of Oakland, CA comes the sweetest, most bitchin’ trio PRIMITIVE HEARTS.  Their debut LP High & Tight has just hit the streets, bursting with catchy bubblegum pop fused with fierce garage rock n’ roll to get your body moving in ways that it’s never moved before.
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Livids – Midnight Stains 7″

livids midnight stains 7 goodbye boozy 2013

Praise the almighty punk rock ‘n’ roll gods, for LIVIDS are officially tearing shit up and making everyone that listens holier than a block of Swiss cheese. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY the band has released a whole myriad of singles over the past couple of months from She Likes Zits to Your House or the Courthouse. Continue reading “Livids – Midnight Stains 7″”