Bits of Shit – Meat Thump 7″

bits of shit meat thump 7 total punk 2013

Super wild denim-clad Aussies BITS OF SHIT have just released their latest 7″ Meat Thump on Total Punk Records and it has left me wanting to hear a lot more shit from Bits of Shit.

No pun intended. I’ve got a potty mouth, sorry, I’m trying to kick it. Their previous debut LP released last year on Homeless Records Cut Sleeves was a heavy, hard-hitting punk album that varied surprisingly from track to track. Most of the time you hear these raw punk albums and they sound the same the entire way through so it’s often hard to decipher between 1 minute and 30 second tracks. It just sounds like one huge steam pile of power chords for 20 minutes. Not with the Melbourne-based Bits of Shit.

“Meat Thump” on side A of their latest 7″ is a blitzing, twilight zone-twisted track that reminds me of a young and more zombified (if possible) Jack Grisham pacing back and forth belting out classic T.S.O.L. antics. “W.W.Me.” on the flipside starts out with those beloved heavy power chords. But then in comes the scuffy, grazing vocals and well thought out build-ups that make you feel like you are jumping around in the most awesome punk rock bouncy house ever before stopping way too soon. Dang! Not sure when the Bits of Shit gang is planning to release their next full-length but I’ll be here patiently awaiting. Perhaps they’re even planning another North American tour soon – wishful thinking? Time will tell, my friends. In the meantime, make sure to get your daily dose o’ Bits of Shit right below!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi
Meat Thump 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Meat Thump
2.) W.W.Me

BUY the 7″ directly from Florida’s Dying/Total Punk – get it w/ a poster for $7 !
Bits of Shit on Facebook
Bits of Shit Music Club

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