Les Rivals – s/t LP

les rivals st lp 2014 casbah records

For those of you unfamiliar with France, they speak French. However these guys do not, at least not on this record. It is sometimes tough to get into music when you can’t identify with the lyrics despite how good the tracks are. For our English ears, LES RIVALS, who are from Paris, present their debut record and take us a little deeper into their musical realm.

They take their psychedelics a little more seriously on this release compared to their previous singles. The songs are a bit longer and the band seems to have explored some 60’s “recording” techniques, tastefully blending layers of keys and fuzzy guitars into their already psyched-out jams. They also chose to share vocal harmonies in some parts, and the sparse blow of the harmonica seems to add a certain charm to these straight-up pop songs. The band itself has the talent and swagger to pull off the act as they seem to lean towards the Barracudas, the 13th Floor Elevators, Get Lost and possibly even Oasis for inspiration. If one were to look into some of the lyrics they would certainly find some youthful life lesson, tongue and cheek references and some semi-serious drug-induced themes, and I am all for it! Listen to the LP below, then go ahead and snag the wax from Casbah Records in France!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
Les Rivals LP: Tracklist:
1.) Police Station
2.) Falling From the Shelter
3.) Glory Days
4.) Hole in My Heart
5.) In My Bed
6.) Take Me For a Ride
7.) She Don’t Care
8.) Sunshine
9.) The Park
10.) Pretty Music
11.) Halfway There

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