The Teen Velvettes – The Teen Sound EP

teen velvettes the teen sound ep 2014

Brighton, England’s THE TEEN VELVETTES craft music that effortlessly elicits a pseudo-50’s nostalgia. Each assemblage to date has represented an evolving style within a singular genre.

Their latest three track EP The Teen Sound detours, slows things down and demonstrates the group’s chops and ability to somersault stylistically. The Teen Velvettes are not bound to Daleian tones, nor proto-rock. This EP could have been employed to concur. The opening track, “Anna,” is unhurried and measured. It quickly reveals itself to be very different from what we’ve heard from the band before. Sans surf thrash, this is a perfect song for your bluff parking, slow drive, summer night adventures.

There’s a cover of the classic “A Teenager in Love” by Dion and the Belmonts on the second track. The 1959 doo-wop staple is generously extended by 41 seconds through slowing down the rhythm and juxtaposing partly cloudy harmony. Then, at the height of a bar, the vocals purposefully veer sharp. A stylistic touch that reminds you The Teen Velvettes are re-purposing – not recreating.

“It’s You I See” closes out the three track EP as a solid, end-of-night type of piece. It draws you in for a nice guitar solo at 1:27 and finishes with the chorus repeating, “It’s You I See” as sound drifts out into the ether. Aptly, The Teen Sound unfolds as a lo-fi, garage-ified re-imagining of the late 50’s and early 60’s and shows the continued evolution of The Teen Velvettes. Definitely give these cool cats a listen.

Genre/ Tags: Surf Rock, Garage Rock, Pop
The Teen Sound EP: Tracklist:
1.) Anna
2.) A Teenanger In Love (Dion and the Belmmonts)
3.) It’s You I see

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