The Beds – Ride Again EP

beds ride again ep 2014

THE BEDS sent over their new Ride Again EP, which was self-released at the beginning of 2014. The songs were self-recorded in a basement in eastern Pennsylvania during a snowstorm, showcasing the bands decrepit take on scuzzy, noisy punk rock.

The Beds dropped this scuzzy monster on our ears and we couldn’t be happier. Their sound combines both punk and noise rock, resulting in this twisted, post-punk assault comprised of angular guitars and endless crunch. “Cleats” shows off their sound with muffled vocals and explosive guitar textures, growing heavier by the second. The track hits a wall, blindsiding us with a wave of nasty guitar grit. “Finger” is a noisy mess, ravaged by a stomping beat and guitar screeches. It’s wrapped up with a fit of rage, built with bloodthirsty screaming and heavy thuds. “Crack the Bowl” becomes an EP highlight, bringing to mind Philadelphia’s own scuzzy punks in Purling Hiss. The track is driven by a menacing psych hook, fueling the flames with a disgustingly repetitive snarl. Go ahead and download that EP for free while you still can, or forever hold your peace. If you hold out until Spring time their could even be a cassette release!

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Noise Rock, Punk
Ride Again EP: Tracklist:
1.) Gagger
2.) Dark Bar
3.) Cleats
4.) Finger
5.) Gained Five Pounds
6.) Crack the Bowl
7.) Tex Rides Again

BUY the cassette from Ranch Records – limited to 100 tapes !
DOWNLOAD the EP for FREE via Mediafire
The Beds on Soundcloud

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