Cannon – It’s Cool, No Worries 7″ EP

cannon it's cool no worries 7 ep 2013 bon voyage records

The Bon Voyage label based in Brisbane, Australia doesn’t release new records often, but when they do we need to make sure we’re paying attention. Their latest is this 7″ EP from Brisbane-based rock and roll band CANNON.

For the label’s 8th release they dropped this 7″ EP titled It’s Cool, No Worries, consisting of five new mangled tracks. The end result is just over 11 minutes of scorching, sun-baked rock and roll from the appropriately sun-fried plains of Brisbane, Australia. They even went a step further and included a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s staple “Everywhere,” putting their own sinister twist on a timeless track.

Bon Voyage describes frontman Callan Murray’s voice as “the heave of a hundred abdominals clenching into projectile vomit, all wild and wrong” and they could not be more dead on (nor could we describe it any better). Take the energetic opener “It’s Cool, No Worries” as the ultimate proof, which soon reveals his mutilated howl along with a wave deliciously sharp guitar hooks. Chunky bass throbs flourish along with the crashing percussion underneath, quickly setting the tone as this ecstatic track begins to unfold. “Shark Fin Soup du Jour” follows up in a remarkably menacing fashion, again showing off Murray’s disgusted scowling in a snarling fit of anger. Bass lines hit hard along with the relentless pound of the drum, supplying the foundation for an onslaught of mangled guitar soloing. “Gravity” is led by a wild lead guitar, leaving short and sharp electrified shocks around every dazzling angle. It’s a short and aggressive pop-punk banger, which should quickly have you drooling for the rest of this EP.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Garage Rock
It’s Cool, No Worries 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) It’s Cool, No Worries
2.) Shark Fin Soup du Jour
3.) Gravity
4.) Cochrane
5.) Everywhere

BUY the 7″ directly from Bon Voyage – limited to 300 !
Cannon on Facebook

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