PREMIER: Adam Widener – Vesuvio Nights

adam widener vesuvio nights lp speakertree records 2013

Speakertree Records in Charlottesville, VA continues to churn out the goods. Up next they’re delivering the debut long-player from Bay-area wonder-kid ADAM WIDENER. The former Zygoteen/Bare Wire has left his mark over the last year or so with at least two scorching singles, naturally leading us to this newly released debut. Vesuvio Nights clocks-in with 14 blistering tracks loaded with glam and drenched in fuzz, evidenced by the stomping jangle in lead single “Laughter On Your Heels I’ll Follow.” The track is tight with swift percussion and a wonky bass line, all of which is performed by Widener himself. He’s at it again in self-titled track “Vesuvio Nights,” showing off a glittery lead guitar to go with a throbbing bass line. It’s ecstatic and propulsive, crafting a form of melodic, punk-inflected pop with a relentless twang. Listen to the self-titled track below and check the video for “Laughter On Your Heels I’ll Follow!”

Vesuvio Nights –

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk
Vesuvio Nights: Tracklist:
1.) Telephone Traps
2.) Laughter on Your Heels I’ll Follow
3.) Vesuvio Nights
4.) Fake Flowers Never Die
5.) Crystal Caskets
6.) Average People in an Average World
7.) Babe Don’t Feel Blue
8.) Black is the Color
9.) Glow Crush
10.) Pools of Light
11.) Gentle Swarm
12.) Fluid Trails of Glitter Gore
13.) Visceral Venom
14.) Transparency Shows Me the Way

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