The Hemingers – (Do the) Diggy 7″

hemingers do the diggy 7 goodbye boozy 2013

Round two of the latest batch of vinyl from Goodbye Boozy Records is a 7″ titled (Do the) Diggy from Coldwater, Michigan three-piece THE HEMINGERS. It’s their first release pressed to vinyl and hopefully there’s more to follow.

The two tracks on their debut 7″ barely last three minutes, making for two quick and rowdy rock and roll stompers. They’re jam-packed with shredded garage guitars, obnoxious vocals and a propulsive, straightforward delivery that breeds both innocence and simplicity. They use nothing but raw energy and their silly antics to help characterize their short but sweet single, which you’ll learn quickly enough in opener “(Do the) Diggy”.

The track splits open with an electrified guitar solo shoved right in the midst of the madness, exposing an unsettling combination of high-pitched vocal babbles against Ben Lyon’s harsh, raspy wail. The good thing about this combo is that is only lasts two minutes – any longer and we’d probably blow our brains out from insanity. B-side “Let’s Get Together” is a party-ready anthem with some gut-busting guitar shreds, making way for fist-in-air chants and barrels of their ecstatic, infectious energy. Now hear both tracks right below courtesy of Goodbye Boozy!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Rock and Roll
(Do the) Diggy 7″: Tracklist:
1.) (Do the) Diggy
2.) Let’s Get Together

BUY the 7″ directly from Goodbye Boozy – send’em an e-mail and see what’s available >
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